The Blacktiedj Team

Alan Garner - Taken by Pengelly PhotographyAlan Garner

Music and entertainment have always played a large part in my life, from the age of 5 I have played a musical instrument, it was around the age of 15 that I worked through the summer holidays, saving like mad, to purchase my first pair of DJ turntables, from that moment I was hooked and I was determined to become a DJ.  From then on I slowly built the Mobile Disco up and performed at small parties and events, gaining valuable experience of all types of event.

Since 1996 I have been a fully self employed professional DJ, since the beginning I have worked numerous corporate events and private celebrations.

I have also gained much experience as a compere for theatre shows (Dream Concerts) appearing in Theatres across the country from the South (Eastbourne, Bournemouth), the South West (Taunton, Swansea) to the North (Motherwell, Oldham, Bridlington etc).

As well as working as a mobile travelling DJ and Disco, I have much experience working in nightclubs, bars and fun pubs throughout East Anglia and the whole of the South East.  I have worked for many years with independent operators and major chains.  I now bring the expertise of a nightclub DJ in the Wedding world, smoothly mixing music from all years for your events.  My connection with the entertainment industry does not end at working as a professional DJ, I am also a company director of Edge Entertainment Consultants Ltd, and have worked as an entertainment consultant and event manager, this involves advising all types of clients from brides to be through to corporate clients, advising and sourcing all types of entertainment for weddings, corporate parties, national promotions and other promotional events. I can advise on all types of entertainment.

2011 / 2012 saw an expansion in the BlackTieDJ team with a growing level of enquiries and work, which meant that I have bought on board some of my trusted colleagues to call upon when I am already booked on a prior engagement.  Here’s a little bit of information to introduce my trusted colleagues, all of which offer a similar presentation style and have excellent mixing abilities, coupled with brilliant microphone techniques and they are thoroughly nice guys.


Shaun Neal - BlackTieDj


Shaun has been DJing professionally since 1998 and with a similar background to me, in terms of spending many years

working in national chain fun pubs, nightclubs and dance music venues, Shaun has a wealth of experience in working all types of function.  A former candidate for the Bar Entertainment and Dance Association DJ of the Year in 2008, he takes pride in his presentation of every event and enjoys packed dance floors at every event.  Shaun is a competent DJ, with a confident presentation style and is very capable of playing to audiences of all ages and across all genres.









Steve has a classical musical background that stretches back to his childhood when he learnt to play a number of instruments including guitar, violin and flute and was awarded a scholarship in percussion at the renowned Grendon Hall. He still plays guitar but not as often as he’d like.

Things changed quite dramatically when Steve saw a local DJ playing at a party and was captivated by the DJ’s ability to make one coherent song from two different pieces of music. The award winning local Dj taught Steve for the next few years until he was competent to begin a career in nightclubs and bars which lasted for twenty years. Winning a number of associated awards and competitions himself Steve has worked for Rank, Luminar Leisure, Lloyds No1 Group along with many independent owners in well respected brands such as Liquid, Chicago Rock Cafe, New York New York, Edwards, The Bar and Yates throughout the country.

Steve’s DJ activities have also lead to him working for a number of high profile corporate companies such as Lloyds TSB, Deloite, RBS, Asda and Tesco presenting numerous awards ceremonies and managing events throughout the UK and Europe for an Events Management and Production Company.

Steve is very reliable and has a subtle confidence which means he is seldom phased by situations he is faced with. An incredible versatile DJ who understand the production values of any event Steve is an ideal choice for any event.